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What should I do in my trial period?
What should I do in my trial period?

Hooray, you've started your free trial of Reloadify! We list all the action items that will help you make the most of these 14 days.

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When you link a new shop to Reloadify, you can first try our software for free (and with no obligation) for 14 days. During this trial period you will have direct access to all our features and you can even send emails. What's the best way to use the trial period? Our answer: by performing the 7 action points below.

  1. Validate CNAMES

  2. Send at least 1 newsletter

  3. Activate at least 1 trigger

  4. Create and activate a pop-up

  5. Create and activate landing page

  6. Analyze results

  7. Assess your customer database

Action item 1: Validate CNAMES

By validating your CNAMES, you validate your domain name. That is, you indicate that every email you send through Reloadify is actually sent on behalf of your shop. By validating your domain name, you avoid the spam inbox.

Action point 2: Send at least 1 newsletter

During your trial period you have access to all our features. In other words: you can mail for free. By sending at least one newsletter, you can check how many active profiles you have in your database. You'll also get a taste of the revenue you can generate through newsletters.

Action point 3: Activate at least 1 trigger

In addition to sending a newsletter, we also recommend activating at least one trigger. A trigger (also called automation) is an email that is sent as soon as a profile meets the set rules. With triggers, you can easily generate more revenue from emails, for example, by retrieving abandoned shopping carts.

Action point 4: Create a popup

In Reloadify, you can create a popup that displays on your website. Create a popup during your trial period, test the module and grow your email list.

Action point 5: Create a landing page

Quickly create a landing page for a particular action or for profile enrichment? You can do that in Reloadify. Design a landing page easily and without code.

Action point 6: Analyze results

Once your trial period is almost over, it's time to analyze all the results. How did your emails perform? And is Reloadify what you expected it to be? Collect all the results and use them as a baseline measurement for your email strategy, for example.

Action item 7: Assess your customer database

Our final tip: take a hard look at your customer database before the end of the trial period. Do you want to mail all active profiles, or do you want to exclude a group?

In Reloadify, we synchronize your entire database of customers. That means every customer, newsletter subscriber or not, ends up in Reloadify. We do that for a reason. After all, you can email anyone who:

  • Made a purchase with you (and with whom you have a payment relationship);

  • Or who has signed up for your newsletter (and therefore has given explicit permission).

Reloadify prices are based on the number of active profiles in your shop. These are all profiles that have never unsubscribed from your emails.

Tip: Don't immediately exclude all kinds of profiles, which at first glance don't deliver anything anymore. Try to retrieve them first via a win back trigger or reactivation campaign.

Questions? Send us a chat message and we'll help you out. Have fun! πŸ™Œ

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