Installation guides

Guides to install Reloadify in your online shop.

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Get started

Here you can find articles to help you start working with Reloadify.

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Do you have an urgent question about Reloadify? Here you can find the most frequently asked questions.

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Best practices

Here you'll find tips and tricks from the Reloadify team

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Here you will find everything about creating and sending newsletters. And setting up triggers.

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A/B tests

Here's how to A/B test your emails.

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Everything you want to know about editing, creating or deleting profiles/segments.

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Everything you want to know about landing pages and pop-ups and how to track your landing pages

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Dynamic content

Here you can find everything about product feeds and discount codes.

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Personalizing through liquid

Here you can find everything about personalizing your emails with liquid.

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Here you will find all the explanation about the integrations we offer (Mailchimp, Lightspeed Retail, Zapier, Datatrics)

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Here you can find all about the statistics under 'abandoned shopping carts', 'future mails' and 'sent mails' in the Reloadify app

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Here you will find all the settings within Reloadify.

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