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Step-by-step plan to send a newsletter
Step-by-step plan to send a newsletter

We'll take you through the 6 steps to send a newsletter.

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Need help sending your first email in Reloadify? We have listed all the steps for sending a newsletter. This way you can send your first newsletter in no time and generate immediate sales.

  • Step 1: Create a newsletter

  • Step 2: Settings target group

  • Step 3: E-mail settings

  • Step 4: Create your newsletter

  • Step 5: Send your newsletter

  • Step 6: Your newsletter results

Step 1: Creating a newsletter

In the menu on the left, go to 'Newsletters'. The overview of your newsletters will appear. To create a new newsletter, click on the blue 'New newsletter' button at the top right.

Step 2: Settings target group

In the first step, you give the newsletter a name. This name is only visible within Reloadify and the recipients do not see it.

You also select the target audience for your newsletter. As an example, we filter only on newsletter subscribers. You mail with this rule only the profiles subscribed to your newsletter. Click 'Next' at the bottom right.

๐Ÿ’ก Prefer to mail a more specific group? Clicking on the 'Add New Filter' button will open the menu with all possible filters.

Step 3: E-mail settings

In step 3, you set all the settings for your newsletter.

  • Sender name: this name will appear in your recipient's inbox. Enter the name of your shop here and possibly your own name for a personal touch.

  • Email sender: this is the email address from where your newsletter will be sent.

  • Email subject: enter a subject that is as striking and triggering as possible.

  • Text for pre-header: this text is visible in the inbox, after the subject line. Use this as an extension of your subject line.

  • Delivery schedule: this spreads out the sending of your newsletter. Use this to avoid peaks in your traffic.

  • Send date: with this option you can schedule a newsletter for a later time or send it immediately.

  • Resend unopened emails: with this option the profiles that have not opened your email will receive the same email again.

  • A/B testing: with this option you can test what works best for your newsletter.

Step 4: Design your newsletter

In step 4, you design your newsletter. Using the menu on the right, you can drag and drop different elements into your email.

Is your design ready? First send a test to yourself and/or your colleagues. That way you can see what your newsletter looks like in your customers' inboxes. Don't forget the inbox on your mobile!

Step 5: Send your newsletter

In step 5, you'll see a summary of your newsletter settings. Is everything ready to send? Then you can click the blue 'Send immediately' or 'Schedule' button at the bottom right.

Still want to change something? Use the bar at the bottom of the screen to click on the desired step and make your changes or save the newsletter as a draft.

After completing step 6 you will find the e-mail on the newsletters page.

Explanation of the summary:

  • Send date: Here is a date when you have scheduled the newsletter. Or it states that you are going to send the newsletter immediately.

  • Segment: this shows the segment, if any, you have chosen for sending your newsletter.

  • Delivery Timeframe: This shows whether you spread the newsletter delivery over several hours or whether you send the newsletter all at once.

  • Sender name: the name you have chosen as the sender of the newsletter.

  • E-mail sender: the e-mail address you have chosen as the sender of the newsletter

  • Email subject: the subject line of your email

  • Unsubscribe link: does your newsletter have an unsubscribe link or not

  • Liquid check: are there any errors in your liquid? If so, look carefully at the liquid you use in your email and make sure it is correct.

Step 6: The results of your newsletter

The results of your newsletter are displayed by clicking on the newsletter title in the newsletter overview. Here you can see the following data:

โ—๏ธ Never delete a sent newsletter. By doing so, you are also deleting valuable data. Do you want to delete a newsletter? Archive it.

Thanks to our step-by-step guide, you'll know exactly how to create and send your first newsletter. Want to know more about newsletters? Check out our help articles!

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