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I want to send multiple campaigns in a single day. Is this allowed?
I want to send multiple campaigns in a single day. Is this allowed?

In this article, I'll explain how to send your customers multiple newsletters in one day.

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By default, Reloadify is set up to allow you to send your customers 1 campaign per day. We set this up to prevent you from being marked as spam. Do you want to send more newsletters on one day? For example:

  • Because you made a mistake in your newsletter

  • Because you have an extra sale that needs to be pushed today

  • Because you simply want to send two newsletters

We like to leave the responsibility of sending out multiple newsletters per day with our own customers. Because you are in control of your customer base. From now on also in control of your own sending frequency.

πŸ‘‰ We recommend that you take responsibility for this and find out for yourself how your customers react to multiple newsletters per day.

How do you set up multiple newsletters per day?

Go to Reloadify and log in. Now go to "settings" and then "email settings".

You'll see that you can check two boxes here:

By default, this function is disabled.

Check the box and click the green 'save changes' button.

Your settings take effect immediately. You are now ready to send multiple newsletters per day to the same group of clients. πŸš€ Good luck!

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