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Create a thank you page after subscribing to a newsletter
Create a thank you page after subscribing to a newsletter

In this article, I'll explain how to create a thank you page after your customer has signed up for the newsletter

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You may not think about it: after your customer has signed up for the newsletter, it's nice that your customer sees an immediate confirmation of that with "thank you for signing up". This is a success page. Within Reloadify there is already one ready for you. In this article I will explain how to link this success page to your newsletter subscription and how to modify the page yourself.

1. The "standard form success''

In Reloadify you will find several functions that we have prepared for you. How convenient! Creating a thank you page after subscribing to the newsletter is one of them. This thank you page can be found under landing pages and then Standard form success.

With the standard form success, you see the following in front of you in the first step:

You are free to customize the name and title. When you go to step 2, you will see the following text in front of you:

Thanks for subscribing!

This is all your customer will see. More is not needed, this is clear enough. Of course you can be as creative as you are and customize the page to what you like and what suits your shop.

For example, it is possible to add your logo, add an extra text or just add a GIF. For example:

2. Linking the form to your action

Now that you have created a nice success page you only need to link it to a landing page. This is easy! Create a new landing page, for example a subscription page for your newsletter. In step 1 of your landing page you can directly devine your success page:

At <success page> select your success page that you just created. And you're done! Now your success page is linked to (for example) your subscription page. Easy, right? πŸ™Œ

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