Want to welcome your customers after they sign up for the newsletter? Or perhaps automatically provide them with a discount code? This is possible via a trigger.

Step 1. Create a trigger

I want to send my customers a discount code after they subscribe to the newsletter. That's why I call my trigger 'Discount code after newsletter subscription'.

Step 2. Filter the rules

Now you're going to filter your target audience:

  • you only want customers who have signed up for the newsletter

  • You only want new customers who signed up for the newsletter.

For this, you are going to filter on customers who have just signed up for the newsletter.

To do this, in the filter collections, go to 'profiles' and choose 'Moment of subscription to newsletter':

This will look like this in your trigger:

This way, you only grab the customers who just signed up for the newsletter. You don't need more rules for this. You can now continue to design the email and turn on the trigger.

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