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Flow: welcoming new subscribers
Flow: welcoming new subscribers

This article tells you how to set up an email flow for welcoming new subscribers. Copy this one exactly or get inspired!

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In our best practices I give you examples of flows you can use in your email marketing. Copy the flow exactly or get inspired, and design a flow all your own. In this article: welcoming new newsletter subscribers.

โ—๏ธ Please note that a customer can be in multiple flows at the same time. Want to activate multiple flows? Align entry conditions or exclude profiles from other flows using a segment. This is not taken into account in the best practices.

๐Ÿ’ก New to the world of flows? Then read our article on the basics of email flows first.

Settings for flow: welcoming new newsletter subscribers

New newsletter subscribers you obviously want to give a warm welcome. That's why an onboarding flow is one of the flows that are indispensable in every webshop. I set up the flow as follows:

  • Name: New newsletter subscribers

  • Description of the flow: Welcome flow for new subscribers

  • Condition: Only once, and enter one time only

  • Description of start node: Moment of subscription is 5 minutes ago

  • Filter rule: Moment the customer signed up for the newsletter is equal to 5 minutes ago.

These settings look like the following in Reloadify:

Setting up flow for new newsletter subscribers

The settings in place, it's time to build the flow. First, I send the profiles a welcome email. I promised on my website that new subscribers will receive a discount code. Of course, I put this discount code in the welcome email.

After 5 days I check if the new subscriber has already placed an order. I do this with the line, "Last order was placed equal to or less than 5 days ago."

Is this not the case? Then the customer receives a reminder email. Has an order been placed? In that case, the profile leaves the flow.

I check again after 7 days whether the new subscriber has placed an order. I do this with the line, "Last order was placed equal to or less than 7 days ago."

Does the order still remain outstanding? Then the new profile receives a reminder with discount code and free shipping. After another week and no order, I ask for the newsletter subscriber's interests via a form. Then the profile leaves the flow. Based on the specified interests, I set up new e-mail flows.

The entire flow looks like this (click on the image to enlarge it):

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