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Flow: winning back sleeping customers
Flow: winning back sleeping customers

This article tells you how to set up an email flow for winning back sleeping customers. Copy this one exactly or get inspired!

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In our best practices I give you examples of flows you can use in your email marketing. Copy the flow exactly or get inspired, and design a flow all your own. In this article: winning back sleeping customers.

❗️ Note that a customer can be in multiple flows at the same time. Want to activate multiple flows? Align entry conditions or exclude profiles from other flows using a segment. This is not taken into account in the best practices.

Settings for flow: win back sleeping customers

Sleeping customers can be won back thanks to a good mail flow. I'll give you an example of such a flow! I use the following settings:

  • Name: reactivate sleeping customers

  • Description of the flow: Regaining lost customers

  • Condition: Only once, and enter multiple times

  • Description of start node: Last order 9 months ago

  • Filter rule: Last order equal to 9 months ago

Flow for winning back sleeping customers

After the starting point, I immediately add a condition, which I use to filter for customer value. I do this with the rule: Lifetime purchase amount equals or exceeds €1.000. This way I filter the sleepers into a group with high turnover, and a group with lower turnover.

In turn, I split the sleepers with high customer value by commitment. I do this with the condition "Last email was opened."

The engaged customers with high customer value I very much want to win back. Therefore, I send them a (relatively high) discount code. After 2 weeks, I check if they have placed an order, with the condition, "Last order is equal to or less than 14 days ago."

I further dive into the group of sleepers who have not placed a new order. I check if they clicked in the previous email.

Did these profiles click in the previous email? If so, I assume they are still interested in me. I send them a reminder with the discount code. Didn't they click? I send them a profile enrichment email. Based on this email, I can later segment further for future mailings. Do the profiles not open the profile enrichment email? Then I send them one more email, simply asking if they still want to receive my emails. I then deactivate the profiles that do nothing with this email via a segment.

The customers with a lower customer value I first send a (lower) discount and then a reminder (provided they have not placed an order). If no new order has been placed after the reminder, I send these profiles a reactivation e-mail. I then say goodbye to the customers who do nothing with this email by deactivating the profiles.

Below you can see what the complete flow looks like (click on the image to enlarge it):

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