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How do you exclude profiles that don't open your emails
How do you exclude profiles that don't open your emails
Exclude profiles that don't open your emails and keep an up-to-date customer database.
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We regularly get asked how exactly you exclude profiles. You exclude profiles based on a segment. In the end you want to exclude profiles so that you have an up-to-date customer base and your open rate is more honest. After all: you only mail your customer base that is actually interested in your mailings. So it is important that you regularly check who opens your emails and who does not.

βœ… When you exclude your profiles who don't read your emails you have:

  • An up-to-date customer base

  • Less spam complaints

  • A higher open rate

  • Less active profiles, possibly lower price at Reloadify

  • Less soft bounces

You read it, it is important to regularly check who opens your emails (and most importantly, who doesn't). You do this by creating a segment and deactivating this segment.

1. Create a segment with profiles that do not open your emails

You start by creating a segment with profiles that do not open your emails. This segment can be de-activated. More on that later. First create a segment.

I create a segment for profiles that have not opened my last eight emails.

You need the filter 'profile of which: ignore profiles with an email that has the status open in one of the last 8 emails', which then looks like this:

You ignore the profiles that did open the emails, so you end up with the profiles in this segment that did not open the last eight emails.

2. De-activate the created segment

You now have a segment with your unengaged customers. You don't want to mail these customers anymore either, since they are not interested in your emails. It's also not good for your open rate.

πŸ‘‰ Did you know that when people never open your email, you most likely end up in the spam box? The email client no longer sees your emails as relevant. The user never opens them either. And so they end up in the spam. And that in turn is bad for your sending reputation.

When you have saved your segment, you will see it again in the overview. Now press the three dots next to your segment in the overview:

And now press 'Deactivate all profiles'. Our system automatically asks for an extra confirmation if you are sure you want to activate these profiles.You want to, because these customers have 0 interaction with your emails.

What you've done now is deactivate existing customers in this segment.

❗ Important: This does not mean that you have deactivated the segment itself. The segment will continue to fill itself with profiles that do not interact with your emails. You have to deactivate the profiles yourself every so often. We can't just do this automatically for you. So you are always in control. ✌️

πŸ’‘ A second way to clean up your customer base is to exclude profiles that don't generate revenue. This article tells you how to exclude these customers.

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