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How do I send an email to 1 email address?
How do I send an email to 1 email address?

In this article we will tell you how to send an email to 1 specific email address.

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In some situations you want to send a newsletter or trigger to 1 specific email address. Think of a reminder, an offer or any other personal message. How to send an email to 1 address is explained in this article!

Filter on email address

Mailing to 1 address is very easy. You don't even have to create a segment for this! All you need is the email address of the specific customer you want to email. In the example below you can see exactly how it works.

First, you open the email. In the first step, Audience settings, you can already indicate to which profile your mail should be sent. To fill in the e-mail address of your customer, first select the appropriate line. Open all rules by clicking on + Add new filter. Click on Profiles in the left menu and look for the rule The email address. This rule lets you filter on (parts of) the email address. Exactly what you want!

In the input box you then enter the desired email address. By default, the rule excludes all profiles that do not meet the rule and sends the mail only to the specified email address. Mailing to 1 email address is that easy!

๐Ÿ’ก Want to specifically exclude an email address for your mail, such as because you have already personally informed this one customer? Use this same rule and select the option not equal to. Your email will skip the customer in this case.

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