You have probably already experienced this: You just sent the monthly newsletter and five minutes later you notice, that one or multiple email addresses are missing in the mailing list. How can you send the email again to those email addresses?

Go to the newsletter page (left menu), select the sent email and select "Copy email" in the drop-down menu. The copy of the sent email will appear amongst your newsletter concepts, most likely on the last page.

Click on "Edit" in the drop-down menu and select in step one of the filtering process the following filter:

Profile, which: includes this email address …

Paste the missing email address into the text box:

At the bottom of the page you can check if the pasted email address matches the profile of the missing recipient. Use this method for a few email addresses. You will have to insert a separate filter for each email address.

Do you want to send it to a larger number of profiles or a group of profiles? In this case it will be easier to filter them by using segments.

Run through the aforementioned steps and send your email again!

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