In this article we explain the meaning of segments in Reloadify and how you can use them.

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Segments are an important part of Reloadify. With this feature you can easily define target groups in your online shop, to which you want to send triggers or newsletters.

After generating a segment, Reloadify can give you some valuable insight, for example: the amount of profiles in this segment, the amount of Total Orders, the generated sales and much more.

❗ Important: The indicated analytics are based on the active profiles.

Create a segment: VIP customers

With this example we will show you how to identify your VIP customers.

The segments page is in the menu on the left under the button "Contacts". Here you select "Segments".

You can create a new segment by clicking on "Create new segment". On the following page you can select your segment by using filters. Don't forget to give your segment a simple name, so you can easily find it again.

In this example we will define a VIP customer as somebody, who has placed more than 10 orders and who has a CLV (Customer Life Value) of at least €1000,- .

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you are selling expensive products, which will automatically increase the average order value, don't forget to adjust the numbers. Take a close look at your own situation.

Filters set? At the bottom of the screen you can see how many profiles match with your segment filters. The matching profiles are constantly updated by our system. Therefore it may initially be the case that the number of matching profiles is lower than you expected, but this can rapidly change a day later.

After saving a segment, you can compare the statistics with the rest of your costumers.

What's next?

Our recommendation is to create a bunch of segments, that are a bit more general, but which will provide you with important insights and statistics.

Here a few points you can consider:

  • Profiles, which placed an order in your online shop more than once;

  • Profiles, which placed an order only once;

  • Profiles, which never ordered anything in your online shop.

Of course it's possible to combine different filters; make them as detailed as you want!

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