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CCV Shop - Installation guide
CCV Shop - Installation guide

Here's how to install Reloadify in CCV Shop

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In just a few steps, you will have downloaded and installed Reloadify for CCV Shop.

Step 1. Create an account

Don't have an account with us yet? Then simply create an account using the button below.

Already a customer and want to add a new webshop? Then follow this step-by-step plan.

Step 2. Choose your platform

You will now enter the following screen:

Here, choose "CCV Shop."

Step 3. Download the Reloadify extension for CCV Shop.

The link will take you to CCV Shop's app store.

In the search bar, search for 'Reloadify'.

Step 4. Install Reloadify for CCV Shop

Now click on 'install'. And then click 'install' again. Then you will see this screen in front of you, with all the read, write and delete permissions that Reloadify needs:

Click on the green 'next' button.

Step 4. Fill in the sender information

You now return to Reloadify. Then the screen changes to the begin screen where you can fill in the information for your webshop:

  • Name of the sender (for example: Carola from <Name webshop>).

  • The e-mail sender: With which email address you want to mail out from Reloadify

  • Anti-spam text: this text will appear at the bottom of the footer of your newsletter and provides information about why the recipient will receive your email.

Now click the save button.

You will now enter your Reloadify dashboard! We are now fully synchronizing your CCV Shop. You can now get started with Reloadify. Good luck! πŸ™Œ

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