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Lightspeed - Installation guide

Here's how to install Reloadify in Lightspeed.

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In just a few steps, you will have downloaded and installed Reloadify for Lightspeed.

Step 1. Download the Reloadify extension for Lightspeed

Go to the back-end of your Lightspeed shop and click on 'apps' on the left side of your menu:

In the search bar, search for "Reloadify".

Step 2. Install the Reloadify app in Lightspeed

Click on the app. You now get to the screen with an overview of the app.

At the top right, you have a green button. Click on "Install app".

You now get this screen in front of you:

Now click on the blue Grant access button.

Step 3. Create an account in Reloadify

When you click the blue 'Grant access' button, you will be taken to another screen. Here you can create an account in Reloadify. This screen looks like this:

In this screen, fill in your details. Now click on "create an account". You will then be taken to this screen:

Now click on "Lightspeed". Then the link is established between your Lightspeed shop and Reloadify.

Good luck! 🙌

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