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Shopify - Installation guide
Shopify - Installation guide

Here's how to install Reloadify in Shopify.

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Installing Reloadify in Shopify is not complicated. You just need a personalized app for it. How to create this, you'll read below!

Step 1. Create an account

Don't have an account with us yet? Then simply create an account using the button below.

Already a customer and want to add a new webshop? Then follow this step-by-step plan.

Step 2. Choose your platform

You will now enter the following screen:

Here, choose "Shopify." You will now see this screen in front of you:

Click the "go to setup" button.

Step 3. Download the app from the Shopify App Store

You will now be redirected to the Shopify App store. Search for Reloadify. Or go directly to the appropriate page in the App Store using the button below.

Once you download the app, go through all the steps from the installation process you see on the screen.

Make sure you give Reloadify the correct permissions (read + write). If you do not do this, the link will not work properly.

πŸ’‘ Are you switching from another email platform? Don't forget to import your unsubscribe list into Reloadify. That way you won't email anyone unwanted. You can read more about importing profiles in this article.

πŸ’‘ Want to know more about (the possibilities of) Reloadify? These articles will get you started!

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