Installing Reloadify in Shopify is not complicated. You just need a personalized app for it. How to create this, you'll read below!

Step 1. Create a personalized app in Shopify

Open the settings of your Shopify store and click on 'Apps and sales channels' in the left menu. You'll be taken to the app development screen. Click on the 'create an app' button. Give the app a logical name, such as simply 'Reloadify' and choose the app developer. Finally, click on 'Create app.

The first step for the app has been taken. You now enter the menu to set up your app further. Click on 'Configuration' (at the top of the screen).

Step 2. Connect your store data

Under the 'Configuration' heading, you can connect your store's store data, by clicking 'Configure' behind 'Integrations from administrator API'.

You can now select all data to be shot through to Reloadify. To fully use Reloadify, you need to give access to everything. So check all the boxes. After you have checked everything, you can click 'Save' in the upper right corner.

Step 3. Install the app in your Shopify shop.

Go to the next step, 'API login details'. Click on the 'Install app' button under 'Acces tokens'.

An access token will now be generated. This token is the key you need to connect Shopify to your Reloadify shop. Click the 'Reveal token once' button and copy the full key.

Step 4. Add your API key to Reloadify

Open Reloadify and follow the installation process. You will automatically be prompted to enter the copied API key.

That's it, the link is established! Reloadify now automatically retrieves data from your webshop. You can start mailing.

πŸ’‘ Are you switching from another email platform? Don't forget to import your unsubscribe list into Reloadify. That way you won't email anyone unwanted. You can read more about importing profiles in this article.

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