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Edit or delete profiles manually

In this article we will talk about how to edit or delete profiles in Reloadify.

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In Relodify, profiles are what it's all about. As soon as you connect your online shop with our app, our system will synchronise all your profiles (unique email addresses). Alongside the fact that our system automatically integrates new registrations and unsubscriptions, it is possible for you to edit customer information manually or delete a profile.


A customer has sent you an email with his new email address for example. To change their details, you cannot simply do that within the system. The amendment will need to be done using an import, which works slightly different.

How to tackle a manual import?

We wrote a detailed article about importing profiles manually. Here you can find all the steps you need to consider; from organising and saving your .CSV file to the actual import.

Edit data

How to change the name, address or telephone number of a customer? We will show you how to do it with the following example:

The customer is listed as Joep Klaver in the system, with the email address [email protected] and we want to change the email address. The name of the customer is correct and will remain unchanged and can therefore be omitted from the file. The email address however, is the connection with the profile. Based on this email address our system knows to whom the new data belongs.

Edit the email address

Changing an email address is a bit more complicated, as it is the direct link between the Reloadify profile and your customer. This is why you will have to re-import all the data from the profile and delete the out of date profile afterwards.

You can read on how to delete a profile in the next step.


Did you import a profile manually into the system? Then you can delete the profile without the need of using another import. Go to the profile's site and click on "Settings". At the bottom of the screen you will see the option "Delete".

You did not import the profile manually? In this case you will not be able to use the aforementioned method. Set the profile to an "Inactive" status, by using an import. Use the example below as a guide:

To set a profile to inactive the only information required is the email address, because it is linked to the profile of the customer. In the columns fill in the following information: subscribed to newsletter = false and active = no. The profile will remain in the system, but it cannot be used for any email communication and will not be included in the amount of profiles used to calculate your individual Reloadify account cost.

Tip: You can also add and delete a profile simultaneously (as shown above). It would look like this:

Make sure, that the second row, directly underneath the headings, is always filled. If not, the empty columns will not be imported. For this reason, fill in the new profile in the very top row (underneath the headings), then you can be sure that all the data will be imported.

Exclude specific domain names

If you want to exclude one or more profiles with a specific domain name from your email communications, for example, go to "Settings". At the bottom left of the menu click on "Email settings".

In "Email filters" you can fill in the domain name of the email address; fill in everything behind the @-sign. Be aware, that you are excluding all email addresses with the same domain name from your mailing list. Have a look at the following example:

On a large scale

With a manual import it is also possible to work on a larger scale. We recommend to always separate the imports of editing and deleting data. This will ensure that you maintain a good oversight.

What if the import was not successful?

Importing a .CSV file can be tricky sometimes. It is therefore recommended that you read the following article: How to import email addresses into Reloadify?

Pay special attention to the way you are saving and importing the file. If it is still not working, we are happy to help you find a solution. You can always reach us via chat, email or telephone.

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