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What are Reloadify's price schedules?
What are Reloadify's price schedules?

In this article we will explain everything you need to know about the pricing in Reloadify.

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With us you will always receive the most appropriate price for your online shop. It will make no difference, if you're just starting out or if you're an experienced online shop owner.

The prices of Reloadify are based on the amount of profiles in your online shop. A profile is one email address, which is the unique ID. As a result of that, you no longer have to use multiple mailing lists, in which email addresses may become repetitive. To filter (segment) extended groups we use a strong tagging system.

You sell through Amazon or and you want to exclude those email addresses from your email communications? Or do you have a group of profiles, to whom you don't want to send an email? In Reloadify you can just easily switch these profiles to an inactive status and they will be excluded from all email communications. Besides, you will never be charged for inactive profiles.

โ— An inactive profile is a profile, which hasn't signed up for the newsletter and which also doesn't receive any email communication, like triggers.

To calculate the price for your online shop, we take into account the amount of customers and newsletter subscriptions you have. We count the unique email addresses and depending on the number of profiles, you will fall into one of our price brackets, which will then be applied. Want to know how much you pay per month for Reloadify? Calculate the price via our calculation tool.

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