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How do I delete profiles from my mailing list?
How do I delete profiles from my mailing list?

We will show you in this article how to delete profiles from your mailing list.

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It won't take us very long talking about deleting profiles in Reloadify. In most cases, it's not possible.

Deleting a profile is only possible in your online shop platform like Lightspeed or CCV shop. If you delete an email address in your online shop platform, it will automatically be deleted in Reloadify.

If we were also to delete profiles in Reloadify, our system would not know which profiles are deleted and which aren't during the next synchronization. Therefore, we decided to synchronize all your profiles (active or inactive), which allows us to use that data for analysis.

Do you want to exclude your customer from your e-mail communication? We recommend deactivating the profile.

Delete a profile in Reloadify

Do you want to remove your client from Reloadify in its entirety? Then go to profiles > all profiles > click on the three dots by a profile. And go to "edit". To the right of your screen you will now see a trash can. Click on it:

The profile will now be deleted.

Also, delete the profile in the back-end of your webshop. Otherwise, the profile will be automatically resynchronized from your shop.

Exclude specific domain names

You might want to exclude profiles with a specific domain name from your email communication. Instead of deleting these profiles, set them to an inactive status. Let us take amazon email addresses for an example.

To exclude the email addresses, go to "Settings" at the bottom left of the menu and select "Email settings". In "Email filter" you can fill in the domain name of the email address. The domain name is all the characters after the @-sign. Be aware that you are now excluding all email addresses with this domain name from your mailing list.

For example: Do you want to exclude all amazon email addresses?

The email addresses from amazon are "" or "". As you can see in the image below, fill in "" or "".

Please note: we already set every email address to inactive for you. You don't have to do anything for this.

Importing inactive email addresses

Do you have a list of different email addresses, which you want to exclude from your email communications? Then create a .CSV file with all the email addresses and import it to Reloadify. You can read everything on how to create, save and import a CSV file in the following article: How do I import email addresses into Reloadify?

Have you tried deleting email addresses, which have been synchronized from your online shop through our system? Then it's important to re-import these email addresses and set them to "inactive". The moment our system begins a new synchronization, it will recognize the customer details and update them. But our system will automatically set all updated profiles to an active status.

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