Manually deactivating an account

This article tells you how to manually deactivate a specific account and delete all data from a specific account.

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Ensuring that a profile can no longer receive any email

Deactivating a specific profile takes no time at all. Open the profile via 'Profiles' > 'All profiles'. In the profile settings you will find the heading 'E-mail settings' at the bottom. By unchecking this slider, you set the profile to inactive and make sure the profile can no longer receive any e-mail (this applies to both newsletters and e-mails). Good to know: you don't pay anything for inactive profiles!

By deactivating a profile, the entire profile remains in your database. This means that your analytics based on customer data remain accurate.

Tip: We recommend cleaning your database regularly. This is good for your open rate, but also your costs. You can read more about cleaning up your database in this article.

Delete all data from a profile

You may receive a request from a customer to delete his or her data. To also delete the data from Reloadify, proceed as follows:

1. Remove the profile from your webshop

This step is immediately the most important: remove the profile from your own shop. After all, Reloadify imports your customer profiles directly from your shop. When you delete an account from your database in Reloadify but not from your own shop, the deleted profile will be uploaded again in the next sync. And that's not what you want!

2. Open the corresponding profile in Reloadify

Open the profile via 'Profiles' > 'All profiles'. At the right of the profile setting you see a trash bin icon. This button - you guessed it - deletes all data of the respective client.

By permanently deleting profiles, customer data also disappears. Your analyses based on this customer data may therefore become less reliable.

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