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How to exclude profiles that no longer generate revenue
How to exclude profiles that no longer generate revenue

Exclude profiles that no longer bring you sales.

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One way to clean up your customer database is to filter by last order. You then look at who is still ordering from you, and more importantly, who is not. Profiles that have not ordered anything from you for a long time are most likely no longer interested in you and you can exclude them.

✅ When you exclude profiles that don't read your emails you have:

  • An up-to-date customer database

  • Fewer spam complaints

  • A higher open rate

  • Fewer active profiles = potentially lower price at Reloadify

  • Less soft bounces

1. Create a segment with profiles that don't order anymore

I create a segment for profiles that have not ordered from me for more than 2 years:

2. De-activate the segment

When you have saved your segment, you will see your segment in the overview. Now press the three dots next to your segment in the overview:

Now press 'Deactivate all profiles'. Our system automatically asks for additional confirmation whether you are sure you want to de-activate these profiles.

❗Important: This does not mean that you have deactivated the segment itself. This is because the segment continues to fill itself.

💡 Another way to clean up your customer base is to exclude profiles your emails don't open. This article tells you how to exclude these customers.

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