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How do profiles end up in the right language?
How do profiles end up in the right language?

All about profiles and what language they end up and how to change profiles from language.

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Do you have a website with multiple languages? Then all these languages are synchronized to Reloadify. This means that you have a database of customers, products and orders distributed over all your languages.

Where can I see the languages of my shop?

If you have a website with multiple languages, you can see it on the top left in Reloadify. Next to your domain name you can see which languages are synchronized to Reloadify. Do you see English, German and Dutch here, for example? Then your website has English, German and Dutch.

This is not related to the language in which Reloadify is displayed. Do you have an Dutch-speaking colleague? Then set the Dutch language by clicking on your icon at the bottom left and adjust the language in the account settings.

How does Reloadify distribute the profiles among the different languages?

Reloadify distributes your profiles to your different languages based on the following criteria:

  • We always pick the language of your back-end. Is the profile in the English language of your shop? Then we take over 1-to-1.

  • Profile has placed an order in a specific language of the website. Then this profile falls under this language.

  • Does the profile then place an order on another language of the website? Then the profile switches languages.

  • Has the profile not placed any orders at all? Then we classify the profile on the language he subscribed to the newsletter for. Is this the German language? Then the profile falls under the German language.

A profile can only fall under one language in Reloadify. Are you missing a profile? Then check if it falls under another language.

Do you create a pop-up or landing page on a specific language? Then keep in mind that all profiles that subscribe to it will be registered under that language in Reloadify.

How do I check how a profile belongs to a particular language?

In your dashboard of Reloadify, you will see your entire database of profiles. These are all profiles of all languages. Want to know exactly who falls into which language? You can see for each profile which language they fall into.

I want a profile to switch languages, how do I do that?

Do you have a profile that falls into one language and would like this profile to fall into another language? Then it is advisable to change the language of the profile in the back-end of your web shop. Reloadify recognizes that the profile is in another language and will then also switch the language in Reloadify.

Did you upload the profile manually via a CSV and is the profile not in your own back-end? Then you can have the profile switch languages via a new CSV upload. Do not do this with profiles that are in your own back-end. Your back-end is always leading, so the profile always switches back to the language the profile is linked to in your back-end.

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