Do you have a webshop with multiple languages? Then you want to make sure your triggers are sent to the right customers. In Reloadify this is easily set up.

At the top of your screen in Reloadify you will see your domain. Behind that you see your language. When you click on the language, a dropdown menu will appear. Here you will see all the languages you have in your webshop. This is what it looks like:

If you set triggers when you click on 'Nederlands', then the triggers will only be created for your Dutch language.

Creating a trigger for the English language?

👉Switch language at the top, in this case 'English'. Go back to your triggers and create a new trigger. The trigger will then be specific to the chosen language. This is all done automatically. All you have to do is switch languages.

❗ Be aware of the language in which you create triggers and newsletters.

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