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How do I set a trigger for customers who have abandoned making a payment?
How do I set a trigger for customers who have abandoned making a payment?

In this article, I explain how to set a trigger of customers who drop out when paying

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We often get the question, in addition to the abandoned cart trigger, you can also create a trigger for customers who are already further along in the checkout process, that is, those who have already clicked 'pay' and then not paid.

Customers who have not paid are further along in the checkout process than customers who have only left their shopping cart. So the triggers will not overlap, you can turn them both on.

Trigger settings

Start with the name; it is not visible to customers, but it is important to yourself. A clear name makes it easier to find the trigger on the overview page:

Reloadify - Payment not completed

Next, you segment using filters:

- You want to filter on customers who in your back-end of the webshop have the order status that the order is still waiting for payment.

Specifically, we have a filter for this, which is 'platform status'.

You will now see a rule with a dropdown menu with different platform statuses.

❗Important: these platform statuses are retrieved directly from your shop and therefore differ per customer. We do not know which platform status is used for what. Check carefully which platform status you need!

In my shop, I have the following statuses:

I figured out that 'processing_awaiting_payment' is the correct status for me. So I set that for the trigger. I grab the last order the customer placed. This looks like this:

At my webshop, an order does not just go off 'processing_awaiting_payment'. Because this does not happen with me, a customer who has not paid will match this trigger every day and therefore receive the mail every day. I don't want that to happen. Therefore, I set that the order time is equal to 1 hour ago:

I therefore put in the following rules:

You can now get to work shaping the email.

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