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How to set up an abandoned shopping cart flow
How to set up an abandoned shopping cart flow

In this article, I'll explain how to set up an abandoned cart flow

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We can see that it is a best practice to set up an abandoned cart trigger flow rather than one trigger for your abandoned cart.

Step 1. Create your first abandoned cart trigger

By default, there is already one abandoned cart trigger in your Reloadify account. You'll read how to set up this trigger in this article. In particular, set your trigger to abandoned at 1 minute, 1 hour, 2 hours etc. Because your customer may only receive one trigger per day, set your first trigger on the first day.

In the email, I will let you know that my customer's cart is abandoned and has yet to be checked out.

Step 2. Create your second abandoned cart trigger

Did you know that you can easily duplicate your trigger? To do this, click on the three dots in the overview of your triggers and select 'duplicate'. You now have exactly the same trigger with the same filter rules and the same email.

Give your trigger a logical name, for example: Abandoned shopping cart - 2 days.

After all, I want to send this email two days after abandoning the cart. I set this up with the following rule:

Also, I change the content of my second email slightly. I react more to the fact that my customers need to check out now because I am not sure if the products are still in stock.

Step 3. Create your third abandoned cart trigger

I duplicate my second trigger to a third abandoned cart trigger. I call this trigger: Abandoned shopping cart - 6 days. With this trigger, you still include customers who still haven't paid, after 2 reminders.

You set this with the following rule:

I change the content of my third email again slightly. In the last reminder, I give my customer an extra discount by using a discount code. Maybe this discount will persuade them to check out after all.

That's it! You've now created an abandoned cart flow with three triggers. You can make this as mad as you want:

πŸ’‘ You can add a rule that customers with a certain order value get another email with this rule:

For example, you can split out that customers with a higher order value get a different email than customers with a lower order value.

πŸ’‘ You can add a rule that customers with a certain product in their cart get a different email with this rule:

You might want to offer customers who have a certain product in their cart a discount code right away.

πŸ’‘ You can add a rule that customers with a certain brand in their cart get a separate email with this rule:

This is useful if you have an arrangement with a particular supplier or brand, for example. The other way around works the same way: this way, you can also exclude brands from your abandoned cart trigger.

All these rules can be found under filter rules and then 'Shopping carts':

Good luck! πŸ™Œ

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