Abandoned shopping carts

In this article we will explain to you features and options around the topic "abandoned shopping cart".

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Under "Reports" > "Abandoned carts", you can find all abandoned shopping carts of your online shop.

πŸ’‘ The abandoned shopping carts are updated with a slight delay. It can take up to 15 minutes for the abandoned shopping carts to become visible in the system.

Remember that your "Abandoned shopping cart" page can look different with every minute. Additional shopping carts can be abandoned or a customer might return to complete their order.

On the page "Abandoned shopping cart" you can find the name and email address of the customer and the date, time and value of the abandoned cart. To view the cart, click on the three dots and choose "Show cart".

πŸ’‘ Tip: Create a trigger or a flow for all abandoned shopping carts. This way all profiles, who left behind a shopping cart, will receive an email reminder.

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