By clicking on "Abandoned shopping cart" in the menu, you can find all abandoned shopping carts of your online shop.

The abandoned shopping carts are updated with a slight delay. It can take up to 15 minutes for the abandoned shopping carts to become visible in the system.

Remember that your "Abandoned shopping cart" page can look different with every minute. Additional shopping carts can be abandoned or a customer might return to complete their order.

On the page "Abandoned shopping cart" you can find the customer ID, the time and date the cart was left behind, the customer name, the email address and the CLV (Customer Life Value, the total value of what a customer has spent in your shop). By clicking on the email address you will be able to see all the data related to the customers profile. You can also look at the items contained within the abandoned shopping cart, by clicking on the button "Insight shopping cart".

💡 Tip: Create a trigger for all abandoned shopping carts. This way all profiles, who left behind a shopping cart, will receive an email reminder.

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