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Abandoned shopping cart

Easily reactivate customers who leave a shopping cart with a reminder!

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Do you often see customers leave a filled shopping cart behind? With the abandoned cart trigger, you can give your webstore a conversion boost! All set up? Then you won't have to worry about it anymore.

Go to the trigger page and click on the Reloadify - Abandoned Cart template.


Start with the name; it is not visible to customers, but is important to yourself. A clear name makes it easier to find the trigger back on the overview page:

Reloadify - Cart abandonment

Next, using filters, you segment your abandoned cart audience:

Shopping cart left equal to 1 hour ago

You can also choose 30 minutes, two hours or one day; the choice is yours.

Under the filter settings you can see how many profiles match the set conditions. It is very well possible that there are no abandoned shopping baskets at the time of setting. In a few minutes it may look completely different.

E-mail settings

Next you come to the sender settings, where you enter the details of you as the sender. If all goes well, both are already filled out for you. If not, please check your email settings in the settings menu.

We would like to recommend you to use the name and email address of your web store and use this name in your entire email communication, for example:

Anne from Reloadify - [email protected]

You can choose your company name or your own name combined with your company name. We would like to advise you not to use only your own name. Customers might not recognize this name and thus see the email as spam.

Then continue with the email subject:

{{first_name}} πŸ‘‹πŸΌ don't forget your shopping cart!

You can make the trigger more personal by entering the customer's first name. You can also choose to include a preheader:

Quickly shop the items waiting for you in your shopping cart!

A preheader is a short introductory text that ensures better conversion. It is the first line a customer sees when the email appears in his or her inbox. You can think of it as an extension of your email subject.

Want to resend unopened emails? Then enable this.

Next, choose the start and end time in which you want to send the automatic trigger. You can choose to have the sending continue 24/7, but we would recommend selecting a more specific time frame, so your email is less likely to get snowed under. For example, like between 7 a.m. and 8 P.M.

Email design

You will now design and style the trigger. You will see a standard template, which you can customize. Using the menu on the right you can drag and drop various elements into your email, for example images, videos, dynamic products etc.

For this trigger it is interesting to show the products from an abandoned cart in your email. You do this by adding a dynamic content block. You choose the 'rows' tab in the menu on the right and click on the dropdown menu. In that menu you will see two options for abandoned cart products. If you choose 'all abandoned cart products', then the dynamic content block works as a 'loop'. This means that you drag one block into your email, and it repeats itself as often as the number of products the customer has in his or her cart. You can also choose to drag the dynamic content block 'abandoned shopping cart' into your email. This block displays one product per block and does not work with a loop.

After setting up this dynamic content block you can proceed with the design and styling of the rest of your trigger. We have listed a few (important) aspects for you. Some of these points will be repeated in all trigger templates and therefore in all related articles.

Note: the styling and further layout may look different for everyone, perhaps you get inspiration from the points below.

Header: let the logo of your store appear in the header and possibly adjust the background color to your corporate identity.

Header: aren't you forgetting something?

Next you provide the trigger with a short message. Here you can also choose to enter the first name of the customer (just like in your email subject):

You're almost there {{first_name}}!
Shop the items you've placed in your shopping cart; we've saved them for you. We just can't promise they'll stay in stock, so order soon once you've made your selection!

Subheading: Your abandoned shopping cart

Add your created dynamic content block here.

Button: Shop Now

Row: turn your 'benefits' into an image or add a text box with a listing:

  • Ordered before 9 p.m., delivered tomorrow

  • Free shipping for orders above € 25,-

  • 30 days return policy

Subheading: Can we help?

Do you have questions about a product or maybe something else? Please feel free to contact us! You can reach us Monday through Friday at 050 000 00 00 or email us: [email protected].

Social media: choose which ones apply to you or leave the option blank.

πŸ’‘ Tip: don't forget to link your social media channels.

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Footer: You are receiving this email because you are a Reloadify customer or because you are subscribed to our newsletter. Don't want to receive any more emails? Unsubscribe quickly and easily by clicking here.

Note: we already added the unsubscribe link for you in the template. If you have chosen to create a new trigger, you have to add the link yourself.

Close your e-mail with a row in the same color as your header, but without your logo. This will create a nice and clean email.


Save your created rows, this will save you the next time you want to use the same elements. You can find the saved rows under 'saved rows'.

In terms of layout we advise you to keep the background color of your trigger white. This will make the email easier to read. Of course you can also choose another light color.

Images are scaled by default. This means that images are adjusted to the dimensions of the images in your web store. If you don't want this, because you might have loaded different images in terms of size, you can click on the image and turn off the option 'automatically scale image' on the right. Then you can manually set the size of the images.

Don't make your logo and other images too big because of the mobile version of your email. It may vary by phone, but the images in your email may be compressed.

Wondering how your email will look to a client? Send yourself a test email. The system will complete the email with customer data from a random profile in your web store.

Activate trigger

Before activating the trigger, please note: did you use the Reloadify trigger template? Then please check if you have replaced our name with your own company name. Did you do this? Then you're good to go.

Once you activate the trigger, our system is continuously looking for abandoned shopping baskets of profiles that match the set conditions. You can also choose to put your trigger online at a later time.

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