We often get the question what exactly you can find under reports > sent emails. You will find all emails sent out under your Reloadify account. All of them? Yes, really all of them! From test emails to yourself to abandoned shopping baskets and cross-sell or review emails. All emails sent in your Reloadify account you will see there. This gives you:
1. Insight in exactly which emails are going out;
2. Insight in how your emails look like;
3. Insight in how many emails are sent.

This can be useful for customer service for example. They can immediately see which email was sent to whom. Whether it is a standard newsletter or automated triggers. Pretty handy!

To still keep the reports a bit separate we created a separate header for the abandoned shopping carts.

💡In connection with privacy of your customers, we save the sent emails up to 90 days. After that they will be removed from the 'sent emails'.

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