Having an insight into statistics is always interesting and will let you evaluate how your emails are performing. Of course you want to know how much revenue you're generating through your emails, how often your emails are opened and how often somebody clicks on a link in your emails. You can find those statistics in three places in Reloadify.

❗ All statistics are updated in real-time.


You can find an overview of your performance, over the time period determined (right top), on the main dashboard of Reloadify. Normally this period is set to the last 30 days, but you can adjust the period.

First you see your generated revenue, the total amount of sent emails (both triggers and newsletters) and the connection with the platform (it's always "active"); you can also find the amount of profiles we synchronised, the amount of placed orders and the number of products on offer in your online shop.

Next you will see both the amount of opened emails and the click rates. Additionally you'll find the amount of unsubscriptions from your newsletter and the number of bounces (if an email couldn't be delivered). All statistics are based on the time period selected, except the "Connection with the platform"; those are (fixed) total values.

Triggers and newsletters

It is possible to access the statistics per trigger or newsletter. To do that open the trigger or newsletter page and click in the drop down menu of the specific trigger or newsletter and select "Statistics". The system will display an overview with all totals. As an extra, you can also view the total amount of placed orders through the email (trigger). Next you can check who placed which order when and what the revenue of that transaction was. Furthermore you can see who opened your email, clicked on a link in your email, to whom your email couldn't be delivered and who unsubscribed from your email communication.

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