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Where can I find the statistics in relation to my emails?
Where can I find the statistics in relation to my emails?

The statistics, regarding your emails, are available in multiple areas in Reloadify.

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It is interesting to gain insights into the statistics of your emails, as these will indicate how well they are performing with your customers. You want to know how much revenue your emails have produced, how often they were opened and how often someone clicked on a link in your emails. In this article we will briefly show you where to find these statistics.

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You will find an overview of the results of your emails, for the time period as defined by you, at the top right. This period is by default 30 days, but can be adjusted to suit your requirements. It is important to mention that the dashboard statistics are totals, which are updated in real-time. The numbers in the block "connection with the platform" are set numbers, which will not change regardless of the time period selected.

Triggers & Newsletters

Additionally it is possible to review the statistics of triggers and newsletters.

For this you will have to go to the specific page (trigger or newsletter) and select "statistics" in the drop down menu behind the email. You will receive an overview of totals, which will be similar to the statistics on the main dashboard. You will also have an insight into all orders, bounces, unsubscriptions, open rates and click rates. The statistics of the triggers and newsletters are also updated in real-time.

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