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How do I validate my domain name?
How do I validate my domain name?

In this article we will explain how to validate your domain name by using a CNAME.

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Validating your domain name is an important step in setting up Reloadify. This is because a validated domain name has two key benefits:

  • All your emails are sent from your own domain name; this makes you appear more professional.

  • Your emails are more likely to end up in your customers inbox, instead of their spam folder.

Get started!

Open the "Settings" page in the app and click on "Authentication". Here you will find five DNS records.

Here you see five CNAME records that are already generated for you. These five CNAME records must be added to your DNS data of your domain provider. In our example we use TransIP for this.

Go to your domain provider, in this example TransIP, and log in. You will see your DNS data there. Here you can choose to add new CNAMEs. Copy the first CNAME on the left from Reloadify.

Now add this CNAME to your domain provider and the value to the right under Value.

Repeat this step until you have added all five CNAMEs to your domain provider.

It will look something like this.

❗️ The top CNAME is validated in two steps. After you have entered everything with your domain provider, click the 'Validate CNAMES' button in Reloadify. You will see that the value of the top CNAME has been modified.

Above the CNAMES is also a notification that an update needs to take place. You must then update the new value of the top CNAME again with your domain provider. Once you have entered this value, click 'Validate CNAMES' in Reloadify for the last time.


There are two things you should be aware of when validating your CNAMEs.


TTL is the update rate of your domain provider. To the right of the CNAMEs you have just inserted, you will see the setting 1 min. 1 day is normally preset here. If you set this to one minute, your DNS data will be updated after one minute. In this way, your domain name will be authenticated with us more quickly. We therefore advise you to set all five new CNAMEs to 1 minute.

CNAME validation per provider

Each CNAME validation is slightly different for each provider. We have listed the largest domain providers for you in what values you need to fill in.

TransIP, CCV Shop, Antagonist and GoDaddy

TransIP, Cloud86, CCV Shop, Antagonist and GoDaddy automatically add the domain name behind the name.

Is your CNAME at reloadify: ?

Then just enter url001 at your domain provider, so

Is your value at reloadify ?

Then put a dot (.) after each value. You then eventually enter the value:

πŸ‘‰ This applies to all names and values.

Google domains and Cloud86

Google Domains automatically fills in all the domain name behind the name.

Is your CNAME at reloadify: ? Then just fill in url001 at your domain provider.

Is your value at Reloadify ? Then you enter this exact value at Google Domains.

πŸ‘‰ This applies to all names and values.


YourHosting does not complete anything itself and is actually the very easiest. You need to enter exactly what Reloadify indicates. So: with

πŸ‘‰ This applies to all names and values.


Mijndomein does not complete anything itself. You have to enter here what Reloadify indicates. With the value you should then put an extra dot (.) after it.

So: with

πŸ‘‰ This applies to all names and values.

Customer at Strato?

Then you need to contact Strato. They can take care of this for you.

Automatic insertion of the domain name

Some domain providers automatically fill your main domain behind your sub-domain. In our example above, you would not have to insert, but only url001. The provider will then add your main domain automatically.

Attention! This varies from provider to provider. Don't you know if your provider supports this function? Then just try it out by inserting the complete CNAME and checking after about 15 minutes in Reloadify whether your CNAMEs are validated in this way. Did that not work? No problem! Then just add the first part (before your main domain). In this case, everything before "".

If you still have problems with the authentication of your shop, just contact us via the chat. We will respond within a few minutes during office hours and will help you out. For further questions have a look at the following video.πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Good luck!

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