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How do I add a logo (BIMI) to my domain name?
How do I add a logo (BIMI) to my domain name?

In this article, learn how to make your logo visible in the recipient's inbox (add a BIMI).

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A BIMI is your logo in the recipient's inbox. To set up a BIMI you need:

  • Access to the DNS records

  • An SVG version of the logo

  • Optionally: a VMC of the logo

Step 1: Validate the domain name using SPF and/or DKIM and DMARC records

A BIMI can only be added when the domain name is fully validated. Two important points around validating your domain name:

  • An SPF either DKIM record must exist for your domain. As a Reloadify user, you automatically add a DKIM record when validating the domain name.

  • For BIMI, it is important that the DMARC is set with p=quarantine or p=reject.

Step 2: Provide an SVG version of the logo.

BIMI works with the file type .SVG (Scaled Vector Graphic). The logo must also meet the following requirements:

  • The image must have a square aspect ratio.

  • The image must be centered. Depending on the email client, the logo will be displayed as a circle or square with rounded corners.

  • The background must be a solid color. Transparent backgrounds may not display as you expect.

  • The size of the image should be under 32 KB.

  • The SVG logo must be available on a public server.

Step 3: Get a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC).

To display the logo in Gmail, a VMC (Verified Mark Certificate) is required. This proves that you actually own the logo. In this article, Google explains how to get a VMC.

A VMC is not required for other e-mail clients, including Outlook and Apple Mail

Step 4: Add a BIMI record to the DNS data

A BIMI record can be added to the domain host in two ways.

Manually creating a BIMI record

A BIMI record looks like the following:

default._bimi.[domeinnaam] IN TXT โ€œv=BIMI1; l=[SVG URL]; a=[PEM URL];"

Values to be filled in:

  • Host: "default._bimi[yourdomainname]". For example: default._bimi.reloadify

  • v-value: BIMI1

  • l-value: URL of the location of the SVG (on the public server)

  • a-value: link to VMC (also on public server). Don't have a VMC? Then remove the a-value.

Step 5: Check the BIMI

After saving the TXT record, you need to check the BIMI. To do this, send an e-mail to yourself or perform a BIMI check.

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for BIMI records to be verified.

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