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How do I add my menu to an email?

In this article, I explain how to add your menu from your website to an email.

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It is possible to add your menu to an email. To do so, follow the steps below!

1. Adding a menu

It is possible to add your menu to an email. To do so, click on the "menu" icon in the content area of the mail. Drag your menu item into the email.

2. Filling your menu

Now it is time to fill in your menu. Click on the 'add new item' button to add a new menu item:

You can now enter a 'text', 'URL' and 'title'.

  • Text: You will see this text in the newsletter.

  • URL: This is the URL of the menu item.

  • Title: This is the ALT text.

3. Styling your menu

Now that you have created your menu, you can style your menu however you like. Specify the font you want to use, the size of the font or what color the text should be.

Displaying your menu horizontally or vertically

With the layout it is possible to display your menu horizontally or vertically:

Add a seperator

To make your menu uncluttered, you can add a separator between your menu items. Note that this feature is only available with a horizontal menu. A separator is entered under 'Seperator' and can look like this:

Hamburger menu on mobile

To make your menu accessible on mobile, you can display it as a so-called hamburger menu. A hamburger menu is a menu that folds out.

To display a hamburger menu on mobile, click on "Hamburger Menu" below.

Important: the hamburger menu only works for iOS users. For other mail clients, the hamburger menu will not work.

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