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How do I add a video to an email?

Here we explain how to get a video from YouTube or Vimeo into an email.

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You can add a video to your email. An email does not work like a website, so you will have to add a link from your video in the mail. Then the email links to this video. I will now explain how to do this.

Adding a video to your email

When you design your email, you will find a number of options on the right-hand side:

When you drag the "video" block into your email, you will see the following block in your newsletter:

All you have to do now is go to YouTube or Vimeo to get the URL of your video from there.

3. Example of what the video in your newsletter will look like

I'm going to paste the Webinar for Beginners into the newsletter as an example. I then need the URL of the video from YouTube. That's: I'll add this URL to the 'content' block of the video. Once you paste the URL in, you'll see that the video block changes with it. I enter the URL here:

My block in the newsletter automatically changes with it:

Do you have a separate video on your computer? Upload your video first to Vimeo or YouTube, so you get a link (URL) of your video. You cannot upload a separate video file in your newsletter.

4. Edit your video block

The video block in your newsletter can be adjusted in terms of size, position and the button in the middle. Are you not satisfied with the preview image of the video? In YouTube you can choose different previews from your video or manually upload an image for this purpose, so that you always get to see a nice preview image.

Good to know: you are ultimately linking to a video. The video will therefore always open in a new window and not in your newsletter itself. There is no way to change this. A video will never open in the email itself. Adding an iFrame (embedding a video) is therefore not possible. You really need the specific URL that is in your web browser.

This is how you add a video from YouTube or Vimeo. Good luck! โœŒ๏ธ

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