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Flow: thanking new customers
Flow: thanking new customers

This article tells you how to set up an email flow for thanking new customers. Copy this exactly or get inspired!

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In our best practices I give you examples of flows you can use in your email marketing. In this article: thanking new customers.

❗️ Note that a customer can be in multiple flows at the same time. Want to activate multiple flows? Align the entry conditions or exclude profiles from other flows by using a segment. This is not taken into account in the best practices.

πŸ’‘ New to the world of flows? Then read our article on the basics of email flows first.

Settings for flow: thanking new customers

New customers are those who have placed a single order with you. Of course, you would like to turn this one-time customer into a regular customer. This flow is going to help you do that! I use the following settings:

  • Name: New customers

  • Flow description: New customers with 1 order

  • Condition: Only once, and enter one time only

  • Description of start node: New customer, first order 14 days ago

  • Filter rules:

    • Has total number of orders with status completed equal to 1;

    • Has a total number of orders with status cancelled, shipped, abandoned, processing, undefined, equal to 0;

    • Last order equals 14 days ago.

The second rule, which I use to filter on all other statuses of my web shop, I make sure that I mail only the customers who have placed only 1 order with me.

These settings look like this in Reloadify:

Setting up flow for new customers

As the first condition after the starting point, I look at customer value first. I do this with the rule "Lifetime purchase amount is more than or equal to €500".

I send an e-mail with cross sell products, a nice discount and free shipping. After 10 days I check if a new order has been placed. Here I use the rule "Last order is less than or equal to 10 days ago".

Has the profile placed an order? Then I send an email for profile enrichment. Based on the specified interests, I set up a separate flow.

Hasn't a new order been placed yet? The customer then receives a reminder. After another 10 days, I check again for a new order. After a second reminder, this flow stops; the customer can be approached in a new flow (for example, based on "last order was placed more than 30 days ago").

The path for the smaller customers is similar to the so-called new VIP customers; I just gift a lower discount.

πŸ’‘ To prevent the new customers without a new order from moving directly to a new flow, I set a delay just before exiting.

The entire flow looks like this (click on the image to enlarge it):

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