Would you like to know the date of birth of your customers? Or do you want to find out the phone number, gender, city or address? Then it would be nice to ask only the customers who haven't given you this information yet. This is possible in Reloadify! I will explain how to do this.

1. Create a landing page

To ask your customers for this information, you need to create a landing page.

❗ In order to get a landing page working, you first need to verify your landing pages. You can read how to do that here.

Next, create a new landing page. I make the name of the landing page 'Profile Enrichment - Date of Birth' and the title that customers will see will be 'Hooray, there is a present waiting for you':

2. Design your landing page

Now it's time to design your landing page. It's entirely up to you how you design your landing page. I throw in my content that if my customers enter their date of birth, they will receive a cool gift on their birthday.

You then include a form in your landing page, which must contain the field 'email address' and 'date of birth' anyway. To put this form in your landing page, drag the block 'form' into your landing page:

When you click on your form in your landing page, you will see all the settings for the form on the right:

Now click 'add new field' and click 'birthdate':

This box is specifically linked to the 'date of birth' field in profiles. So use this field to fill in the date of birth. The same goes for the other fields like gender, postal code, province, first name, last name etc.

Are you done creating your landing page? Great! Now put your landing page live and copy the URL that comes from it. You will need this URL later on.

3. Set up a trigger

You could use both a trigger and a campaign for this. With a trigger you ensure that your entire customer base is continuously asked to fill in their date of birth. With a campaign you do this once. The choice is yours, of course. In this example, we will use a trigger.

I call my trigger "Profile enrichment - customers without date of birth".

Then I click on "filter rules" and look for the following rule in "profiles":

I fill in the rule so that the personal data is filled in 'not equal to' 'birthday'.

❗Because your email list keeps growing, for example by subscribing to the newsletter, this trigger will go off too often. That's why it's necessary to add a time-based rule. I put in the following time-based rule: Trigger sets off every Monday.

In total, my trigger looks like this:

Now every Monday, my trigger is going to look for customers who have not entered a date of birth. And then the trigger will be fired.

After you set up these rules, you create the email.

4. Create the e-mail that belongs to the trigger

Next, create a suitable e-mail that you think fits the trigger. It is important that you eventually include the URL of your landing page in the trigger.

I do this by putting a button in my e-mail that says 'click here to add your birthday'.

Under the button, I place the link (URL) of the landing page I created earlier. So, when your customers click on this button, they will be redirected to the landing page. This is where they enter their date of birth, so that the profile is enriched with this data.

Convenient, isn't it? You can do this for every field you can put in a form. Good luck!

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