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All about forms within landing pages.

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You can use a form builder in the landing page editor. This builder, like the rest of Reloadify, is powerful but easy to use.

Step 1. Form settings

When creating the landing page, you can specify various options related to the forms section in step 1 of the landing page settings:

Success page

Here you can define a landing page to serve as a success page. This means that the profiles will see this page when they have filled out the form correctly.

Profile tags

Here you can enter tags that you want to add to a profile when they successfully submit a form. Example: You have a Facebook campaign that references this landing page. You can now enter a tag "Facebook" here. All profiles that fill out and submit a form via this landing page will be tagged with the "Facebook" tag. This way you can easily segment on this later at Triggers, Newsletters or Segments.

Automatically subscribe profiles to the newsletter

Would you like to automatically subscribe the profiles to your newsletter after filling out the form? Then you can arrange that by putting a check mark here.

Step 2. Create a form in your landing page

Creating a form in the landing page is very simple. You drag the form block into the page. Automatically you will see that the email field is already loaded.

πŸ‘‰ Important: The email field is needed by Reloadify to recognize a profile or to create a new profile. So you can't disable this field.

Now click on the form and you can easily add or remove more fields on the right side under "Manage Fields". These fields are directly linked to Reloadify and enrich the profile with this data.

For example, I can choose to request the date of birth from my profiles in a mailing:

The moment a profile enters their email address and date of birth we will automatically update this field!

Step 3. Setting the landing page live

And so in 3 simple steps you have designed a landing page with a form! Would you like to add forms yourself, for example a survey? That's possible too. You can easily include a Google Form using the HTML button.

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