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How do you use profile tags in Reloadify?

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Profile tags within Reloadify are very handy. It allows you to automatically 'tag' a group of customers that you can later use to create a trigger, for example.

πŸ‘‰ Do you want to use a tag to enrich your customer's profile? We'll explain in this article!

Tags are useful for:

  • Collect customers who have filled out a particular form

  • Send customers an email based on the tag

  • Exclude customers based on the tag

Using tags for customers who have filled out a certain form

Did you put up a great landing page? Nice!

❗If you want to perform a follow-up action when customers have completed a certain form, you need a tag to do so.

In step 1 of creating the landing page, enter a tag that makes sense to you. This could be anything. Is it about a newsletter signup? Or just about a Facebook campaign? In this example, I'm using Facebook campaign. I have a campaign running on my Facebook page with a landing page behind it for downloading a white paper. My customers first have to fill out the form with their name and e-mail address and then they receive an e-mail from me with the white paper. Aha! I want to perform an 'action' after my customers have filled out the form. A tag would be handy. This looks like this:

So how does this work?

My Facebook campaign is running and people land on my landing page. When they fill out the form, within moments this email address appears in Reloadify with the tag 'facebook campaign'. You can always test this by filling out the form yourself. Then go to profiles in Reloadify, look up your test email address and see if it has the tag 'facebook campaign'. Of course you can 100% assume that the tag is entered correctly.

Sending customers an automated email based on the tag

Now you bring in customers through a form, while they expect an action from you afterwards. You still need to set this up. In my case it's about sending my customers an email with a whitepaper when they have filled out the form. Of course it could also be that you want to send your customers a certain discount code after they have filled out the form or you want to give them an extra explanation about something.

Go to triggers and create a new trigger. Go to filter rules and search on tag. You will now see two options:

You need 'tag was changed' here, considering a tag has been added to the profile.

Now the question is how soon do you want to email your customers? I want to email my customers 10 minutes after they fill out the form. The trigger will then look like this:

My trigger is set. I don't need more than this for my follow-up action. Now I'm going to design a nice email to go with it and then I'll put my trigger live.

Exclude customers based on the tag

You use a tag mainly to mail customers. What you can also do is exclude customers who have a certain tag. In that case you use the filter 'has one of the following tags' and set the value to not equal to:

That's how you exclude this group of customers from a newsletter. Now you know how to set up tags, how to set up a follow-up action on them, and how to exclude customers who have a certain tag. Good luck!

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