Do you want to enrich your customer's profile with data? In Reloadify this is easy with a landing page and a form. When your customers fill in this form, the data will be automatically synced to the right profile. We have a lot of standard fields, like first name, last name, phone number or address details. But what if you want more than these fields? Per web shop, the information that is important differs. A pet shop might want to know what your favourite pet is. While a clothing shop wants to know what your favourite brand is. This information is now also available in Reloadify. In this article you can read more about it.

Step 1. Create a landing page

In Reloadify I go to forms and click on 'landing page'. I am going to create a new landing page so I click 'Add new landing page'. I now get a screen in front of me where I set up my landing page:

❗To make use of the landing pages you first need to verify your landing pages. How to do that is in this article. Have you set everything up? Then move on to step 2. Designing your landing page.

2. Design your Landing Page

Design your landing page the way you want it. You will need a form to enrich your profile.

Drag the 'form' block onto your landing page. You will now see a block in your newsletter with an 'email' field in it:

This is the only field in your form that you cannot delete. The email field is what Reloadify needs to recognize a profile or to create a new profile.

Now go to the right side and press 'add new field'. In the drop down menu you will see several options to choose from. These fields are all connected to Reloadify and enrich the profile with data. You can rename the field yourself if you like. However, the field called middle_name will always be implemented by Reloadify as the middle name of your customer, no matter if you change it to 'pet name'. Keep this in mind:

Do you still want the name of the pet? Or a specific year? Or a favourite brand of your customer? This is possible! Add a field by pressing 'add new field'. Now you will see the option 'tags' in between:

Tags means that your customer gets a specific tag when he chooses an answer. When I click on 'tags'. Then you see in the form that the word 'tags' is added:

Now go to 'manage fields' and press 'edit' at the field for tags:

A new screen will open:

By default, tags are set to the multiple choice option. I would like to ask my customers their favourite pet. Therefore I enter the following text in the label: 'What is your favourite pet? At options I then fill in the options. You do this by first putting the option your customers see. Followed by a straight line ( | ) and then the tag your customers will see. For example: The first option is cats. After this I put a straight line ( | ) and then 'cat'. The tag your customers will now see is 'cat'. Your customers will only see the option 'cats'. I do the same for dogs. I type 'dogs', put another straight line after it ( | ) and type 'dog' after it. Then I type this for all pets, such as horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. The cool thing is that you can put guinea pigs and rabbits under rodents, for example:

I now press 'save'. Now my form looks like this:

Do you want to see what this tag looks like on a profile? When I go to a profile that has answered my questions, you will see the tags in the profile:

Based on this tag, you can create a segment.

πŸ‘‰ You can read how to do that in our article about creating a segment based on a tag.

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