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How do I remove or replace tags on profiles in bulk?
How do I remove or replace tags on profiles in bulk?

This article tells you how to remove or replace tags in profiles using a CSV import.

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Are your tags out of date? Or has a mistake crept into your tags? You can easily remove them again.

  • Step 1: Export the profiles with the tag to be modified

  • Step 2: Open the CSV file and check it

  • Step 3: Upload the CSV file in Reloadify

  • Step 4: Delete or overwrite the tag

Step 1: Export your profiles with the tag to be removed

To remove a tag from your profile, first export your profiles. You can find this option under Data sources > Exports > Export profiles.

Select the desired filters, enter your e-mail address and click on E-mail export. You will then receive the export as a CSV file in your mail.

Tip: Only export the segment with the tag you want to remove. When doing so, select the rows that are important for deleting your tag, such as the email addresses and (of course) the tags. This provides more overview.

Step 2: Open the CSV file and check

Open the CSV file in Excel or Spreadsheets, for example. You now see all exported data, divided into columns. In the Tags column you see all the tags of a profile. Leave the tag to be removed.

Do profiles in your list have multiple tags? Leave the tag you want to remove, but remove all other tags.

It is not possible to remove multiple tags at once. Do you want to remove multiple tags? Then redo all the steps and change the tag to the next tag to be removed.

3. Upload your CSV file to Reloadify

Upload your file to Reloadify. You will find this option under Data sources > Imports. Behind CSV, click on the three bullet points and choose New Import.

Click Save. You will come to a new screen where you can assign the columns from your CSV file to the appropriate fields in Reloadify. In the last option, Tag Settings, you can specify how you want to assign the tags.


  • Choose Delete the tags from the profile to remove the tag from the file among the profiles from the file.

  • Choose Overwrite all tags assigned to a profile to overwrite all tags of the profiles from the file, with the tag from the file.

Click Import profiles. Sure you deleted the right tag? Check with a profile from your CSV file.

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