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How do I add a tag to profiles in bulk?
How do I add a tag to profiles in bulk?

This article tells you how to add a tag in bulk to profiles from your database.

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With profile tags - the name actually says it all - you can tag profiles, to later email or exclude this group. You can add tags to a profile in several ways. In this article, we'll show you how to manually add and remove tags.

It is also possible to automatically tag profiles that fill out a form on a landing page or pop-up. Read more

Add a tag using a CSV import

Do you want to tag dozens, hundreds or even thousands of profiles in one go? You can mail your group in no time by adding the tag in bulk. You do this with a CSV file.

  • Step 1: Create an Excel file (or Google Spreadsheet) with all the email addresses

  • Step 2: Add the tag to the file

  • Step 3: Export the file as .CSV

  • Step 4: Import the file into Reloadify

Step 1: Create an Excel file of the profiles you want to tag

Adding tags manually is done using a CSV import. You have 2 options for this: create your own file or export profiles from Reloadify.

Do you create your own file? In that case, start with an Excel file. Create 2 columns: 1 column with the e-mail addresses, and 1 column with the desired tag.

โ—๏ธ Always give your column a name, so you can match it to the correct field in Reloadify.

Do you export profiles from Reloadify? Create a new segment for the profiles you want to tag and export only this segment. When exporting, only select the email addresses and tags. This is the only data you need.

Step 2: Add the tag to your Excel file

Put the desired tag in the 'tags' column. Your file should be looking like this:

Per import, you can add a maximum of one tag per profile. Adding multiple tags? Create a separate CSV file for each tag.

Note: do not add spaces in your tag! A space separates the data and creates 2 separate tags. You don't want that! Replace your space with a hyphen.

Step 3: Upload your file to Reloadify

Finished adding your tag? Save your Excel file as a .CSV file. Go to Reloadify and go to Data sources > Imports. Behind CSV, click on the three bullet points and choose New Import.

Upload your CSV file and click save. You will be taken to a new screen where you can assign the columns from your CSV file to the appropriate fields in Reloadify. In the last option, Tag Settings, you can specify how you want to assign the tags.


  • Overwrite all tags assigned to a profile causes all tags to be overwritten with the tag you have in your CSV file. Useful when you want to replace an existing tag!

  • Add tags to profile's existing tags adds the tag from your CSV file to the profile without overwriting anything.

Choose the option that suits your needs and click Save. Feel the need to check if adding your tag was successful? Grab 1 email address from your CSV file and open the profile in Profiles.

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