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Want to ask out your favourite pet, brand or tablet to enrich your profile? Read how to do it here!

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Do you want to enrich your customer's profile with data? In Reloadify, you can easily do this with a landing page and a form. When your customers fill out this form, the data is automatically synced to the right profile. We have a lot of standard fields, including first name, last name, phone number, date of birth and address information. This article tells you how to query this default information.

But what if you want to add other data to profiles? Different data can be extracted and stored using tags. This is done in 3 steps:

  1. Creating a landing page

  2. Designing the landing page

  3. Set up and format the email

Step 1. Create a landing page

To create a landing page, go through "Forms" to "Landing Pages." When you click on "New Landing Page" you will get the following screen in front of you.

โ—To make use of the landing pages you first need to verify your landing pages.

2. Design your landing page

Design your landing page the way you want it. To enrich the profile, you need a form. Drag and drop the "Form" block onto your landing page. You will now see a block in your newsletter with the field "email" in it. The "email" field is the only field in your form that you cannot delete. This is because Reloadify needs this field to match the information entered with the correct customer profile.

Select the form and choose the "Add new field" option. The dropdown menu lists all the default options you can query.

โ—๏ธ Please note that all these fields are linked to fields at profiles. So do not use default fields for any data other than what they are intended for!

In this example, we assume that non-standard data will be requested. For example, we are going to request the favorite pets of our customers. For this we use the field "Tags" (this option is at the very bottom under "Add new field").

The option "Tags" means that your customer will be given a specific tag when your customer chooses an answer. After adding this option, your form in the email will look like this:

As a next step, you are going to edit the "Tags" field. Select your form and under "Manage fields" click "edit" near the "Tags" box.

Now go to 'manage fields' and press 'edit' at the field for tags:

A new screen will open:

In this screen you fill in all the settings for the "Tags" option. By default, this field is set to "Multiple choice." That means your customers can check multiple options. For my example, requesting my customer's favorite pet, I leave it set to multiple choice. In the "Label" box, I enter the question, "What is your favorite pet?". In "Options," I enter the answers the customer can choose. You do this by entering the first option followed by a straight line ( | ), followed by the tag that matches the answer. The next option is entered on a new line.

I now press 'save'. Now my form looks like this:

Results completed form

How do you see the results of your completed form? When you view a profile that completed the form, you will see the following tags:

Based on this tag, you can create a segment and/or create an email campaign.

Good luck! ๐Ÿ™Œ

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