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I want to email customers that I add to Reloadify by import. How do I do this?
I want to email customers that I add to Reloadify by import. How do I do this?

In this article, you will learn how to bundle and mail a group from a CSV import.

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We regularly get asked if you can mail a group of customers using a CSV import. You can! Through a CSV import, you only include the email addresses, with no order history. So you need to think about how to easily bundle this group of customers. The easiest way is to tag these customers.

I'll explain to you step by step exactly how to do this.

1. Create an Excel file of the customers you want to import

You start by creating an Excel file. This Excel file can look like this:

In the first column, you add the e-mail addresses and in the second column, the tag you think makes sense.

โ—Always give your column a name, so you can match the column in Reloadify to the correct field.

๐Ÿ‘‰Tip: Does your file save in a value separated by a semicolon? If so, the import unfortunately goes wrong. Follow the roadmap below to change this to a comma (In Excel).

  1. Clear Options for Excel > Advanced Options > Edit > Use system separators.

  2. Set the separator Decimal to , (a comma).

  3. Set the separator For thousands to . (a period).

You can also find this step-by-step plan in Excel itself, when you search for "semicolon" in Help.

2. Convert your Excel file to a .CSV file

Now save your Excel file as a .CSV file. Instead of an .XLS file, it will then become a .CSV file.

3. Upload your file to Reloadify

Go to Reloadify and click on datasources > import > CSV > click the three dots > new import. You will now get this screen in front of you:

๐Ÿ‘‰ Is your website multi-language? In this step, choose the language you want to import the profiles to. In this example, I have the choice between English and Dutch.

Upload your CSV file and click 'save'. You will now enter another screen where you can assign your fields to the appropriate fields in Reloadify.

The field 'email address' is linked to 'email':

The 'tags' field you link to 'tags':

The last option, in the bottom right, is how you want to assign the tags:

  • Overwrite all tags: All tags will be overwritten with the tag you have in your CSV upload.

  • Add tags: Your tag will be added to the profile without overwriting anything.

  • Remove tags from the profile: The tag you put in your CSV import will be removed from the profiles again.

In this case, select 'add tags' or 'overwrite all tags'. Click on 'import profiles'.

That's it! Want to check if your tag is assigned to a profile? Then grab a profile from your CSV import and go to 'all profiles' and look up the profile in the search bar. Click on the profile in question. I see a tag assigned to my profile:

4. Create a newsletter for this group of customers

Now it's time to email this group of customers. To do this, go to 'emails' > 'newsletters'. Create a new newsletter and click on 'filter rules'. Under 'profiles' look for the rule 'has one of the following tags':

When you click this rule you'll see the following:

Enter your tag in the box, in this case 'petlovers'.

This way it is possible to mail the group of customers you just imported. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™Œ

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