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How do I use discount codes in Reloadify?
How do I use discount codes in Reloadify?

In this article, you will read all about how to use discount codes in Reloadify.

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Within Reloadify, you will find the option to create automatic or manual discount codes.

Before you can get started with discount codes, you need to choose between these two different types of codes.

Does your webshop run on Magento or Shopware? Then you don't have the option to create an automatic discount code, create a manual code.

When to use an automatic discount code?

An automatic discount code is created in Reloadify and is automatically uploaded to your shop. The discount code always consists of a total of 12 letters and numbers, which are grouped into 4 characters with a hyphen in between. For example: 1234-5678-9012.

Note: an automatic discount code can only be used in triggers and flows. In a newsletter, this code will not work. Uploading the discount code in your webshop is often limited from the webshop.

When to use a manual discount code?

With a manual discount code, you create a discount code in bulk. You upload the list of codes both in Reloadify and in the back-end of your shop.

There are several reasons for using a manual discount code:

  • You want to exclude certain (product) categories.

  • You sell digital products for which customers have to enter a code.

  • You have a Magento or Shopware webshop and cannot use automatic discount codes.

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