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Why am I missing revenue in Reloadify?
Why am I missing revenue in Reloadify?

Are you missing revenue from your webshop in Reloadify? In this article you will read what causes this, and how to solve it.

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Do you see no sales coming in in Reloadify even though many orders have come in? The most obvious reason is that the status of these orders is still on "process." In Reloadify, revenue only becomes visible once an order has "completed" status.

How do I recognize my shop statuses in Reloadify?

Each web shop platform uses its own order statuses. In Reloadify we automatically link statuses from your shop to our statuses.

Doesn't this standard format fit your webshop? Adjust the statuses yourself in the settings of your shop in Reloadify. The change will be visible in your shop after a few minutes and also works retroactively for existing orders.

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