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Reloadify IP addresses
Reloadify IP addresses

This article tells you how to whitelist IP addresses from Reloadify so you don't miss data from your shop in Reloadify.

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To retrieve data from your shop, we send requests to the back-end of the shop. These requests can be made from different IP addresses. It is important that you allow our IP addresses in the back-end of your shop. If you do not, we will not be able to read any data and you will not be able to use Reloadify optimally.

Does your web shop automatically block unknown IP addresses? Then you have to whitelist the IP addresses of Reloadify to your back-end. With this you indicate that you trust our IP addresses. You can find the IP addresses in Reloadify, under "Settings" > "Reloadify IP addresses".

โ—๏ธ Please note that IP addresses may vary from shop to shop. So check the IP addresses for each shop and whitelist them all.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: turn on the slider behind the setting "Send me a notification when IP changes". This way you will receive an email as soon as a Reloadify IP address changes. You won't miss any data in Reloadify this way!

โ—๏ธ Note that in the above example, the IP addresses are not fully visible. Thus, whitelisting the IP addresses from the example is not sufficient.

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