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How do you make the transition from shop platform A to shop platform B?
How do you make the transition from shop platform A to shop platform B?

Are you switching from one shopping platform to another? Then read this article

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Are you switching from one shopping platform to another? Would you like to stay with Reloadify? You can! To ensure that you can still use Reloadify, please proceed as follows:

  • Step 1. Create a new shop. Follow the installation process.

  • Step 2. You now have two shops linked to your Reloadify account. One shop is linked to the old back-end, the other is linked to the new back-end.

  • Step 3. Create an export of your current database of profiles. Import these profiles into your "new" Reloadify account. This way you transfer all profiles with associated tags at once.
    Note: order information cannot be transferred this way. You can read more about this later in this article.

  • Step 4. Transferring newsletters, triggers and/or flows? Easily duplicate your previous templates to your "new" Reloadify account by clicking the "duplicate" button. You will then get a screen in front of you in Reloadify to which shop you want to duplicate the template.
    Please note that statistics from existing emails will not be transferred.

  • Step 5. Is your transition from your new shop platform all done? Then you can now uninstall Reloadify in the old back-end of your shop. You will then be left with only one Reloadify account.

Important things to consider

There are a few components to consider when switching to another shopping platform:

  • You are linking a whole new back-end to Reloadify. This means that old email data and order data cannot be transferred to your "new" Reloadify account;

  • Rules such as: "Customer did or did not open last X emails" based on old data therefore also do not work;

  • Are you using coupon codes? These will not be transferred. In the new environment in Reloadify, create new discount codes, and update the codes in emails;

  • Statistics of emails cannot be transferred;

  • There is no way to transfer order history from your old account to your new account in Reloadify. Do you want to? Then transfer the order history from your old back-end to the new back-end. Keep in mind that different shop platforms process data in their own way! Adapt the data to the new platform. Are you not doing this? This can cause problems in Reloadify.

Are you having problems or questions? Please contact support. We are happy to help you where we can.

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