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Adding manual discount coupons
Adding manual discount coupons

With this new feature you can easily create manual discount codes!

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For most webshop platforms Reloadify offers the possibility to create automatic discount codes. These can then be activated in your webshop and included in a mailing to the customer. However, this does not work in all webshops. Therefore you can also manually add your own discount codes to Reloadify.

When to use a manual coupon code?

There are several reasons to use a manual coupon code:

  • You want to exclude certain (product) categories.

  • You sell digital products for which customers have to enter a code.

  • You have a Magento webshop and cannot use automatic discount codes.

Add manual discount codes

To create a manual discount code, click on "Coupon codes" under "Dynamic Content". An overview page will appear where you will see all the created discount codes. Among other things, you will see the name of the discount codes, the merge tag (for use in your email), the usage (expiration) and what type of discount code it is.

To create a manual discount code, click on "New coupon" in the upper right corner and "Manual coupon":

  • Coupon name: here you enter the name of the discount code. It is helpful to choose a name that actually describes what coupon code it is. The example below shows discount codes for redeeming a digital product.

  • Discount type: with this option you indicate whether the discount codes are unique or can be used multiple times.

  • New codes: in this field you enter the discount codes. Enter as many discount codes as you want, but note: one discount code per line.

If you choose the option "discount code can be used multiple times", you only need to add one code. Reloadify will automatically add this code into every email you send.

By choosing the second option "discount codes are unique", you can fill in multiple discount codes into the text box. Every new email will then contain a unique discount code. Once all the codes you created are distributed (sent in emails), the trigger will be paused and you will receive a notification via email.

Generate a batch of discount codes

To avoid having to create new discount codes every day, it is much more efficient generating a batch of them. You can do this easily with Excel or via websites like: Here you can allocate how many codes you want generated and how many numbers and characters they should consist of.

πŸ‘‰Tip: When you have generated a batch of discount codes and paste them into Reloadify, they often show up side by side. For the discount codes to work, you need to put them under each other in Reloadify. As an intermediate step, it is helpful to paste the discount codes into Excel first to put them under each other.

Add the codes to your online shop

Once you have created your unique discount codes, you can upload them into your online shop platform. In Lightspeed for example, you can upload the codes into a text box:

Click on "Save". You can find these codes in the index, as well as their expiration date and if they have been used.

πŸ‘‰ In this example you can see a discount code, which has not yet been used (0/5).

Using discount codes in the email editor

After creating discount codes, it's time to use them in your emails. For a quick tutorial on how to add the discount codes to your email watch this video or read the step-by-step guide below.

While creating a new trigger or newsletter you can add "merge tags" to your emails using the email editor. By clicking on the text box, a toolbar appears, in which you will find the "Merge tags" option.

When selecting this option (merge tags) you will see a list with all available tags. In this list you will also find your created discount codes.

❗ Important: Does your website have multiple languages? And do you duplicate a trigger or newsletter to another language? Then you need to recreate the discount code in this other language. Aders will not find your merge tag and the discount code will not exist.

Select the preferred discount code and it will appear in your email!

❗ Important: When your email is ready, send a test email to yourself first and check how the trigger or newsletter will appear in the inbox of your customers.

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