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In this article we will explain the meaning of dynamic discount codes and how you can use and add them to your emails.

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Within Reloadify we offer the possibility of creating automatic or manual discount codes. This article tells you how to create an automatic discount code and add it to an email.

To create a discount code you will find the tab "Dynamic Content" in the left menu; there you select "Coupon codes". You will be forwarded to a dashboard. Here you will find the names of your discount codes, the merge tag (to use in your emails), the usage (history) and what type of discount code it is.

When to use automatic discount codes?

Automatic discount codes are a powerful way to re-activate inactive customers to (possibly) make a purchase or treat a customer on his or her birthday. An automatic discount code is created in Reloadify and is automatically uploaded to your webshop. The discount code always consists of a total of 12 letters and numbers, which are grouped into 4 characters with a hyphen between them.

❗️ An automatic discount code can only be used in triggers. This is due to the fact that an automatic discount code must be sent back to your webshop. A manual discount code can be used in both triggers and newsletters, because you create them in bulk.

❗️ Does your webshop run on Magento? Then you have no possibility to create an automatic discount code. However, you can use manual discount codes.

Creating automatic discount codes

To create an automatic discount code, go to the "Dynamic Content" > "Discount Codes". An overview page will then appear. Among other things, you will see the name of your discount codes, the merge tag (for use in your e-mail), the usage (expiration) and what type of discount code it is.

To create a new discount code click on "New coupon" on the top right. After that, you'll see two options, where we click on the first one; "dynamic coupon".

  • Coupon name: you begin with the name of the discount code. It's advisable to use a name that describes the topic of the discount code. In the image below we created a discount code for a birthday email.

  • Type of discount codes: For type of discount codes you can choose to apply a fixed amount or a percentage discount, for example €20,- or 20% .

  • Discount: for discount, you type in the amount of the discount.

  • Days this coupon is valid: afterward you can specify how long the discount code will be valid for.

  • Minimum order amount: then select the minimum order amount. The discount code is then valid only when the customer orders above a certain amount.

  • Amount of times the code can be used: this specifies how many times the same profile can use the same discount code.

  • Free shipping: additionally, you can offer free shipping with this option.

Check your settings, did you fill everything in correctly? Then save the discount code by clicking on "Save changes". You can find all your discount codes on the discount code dashboard.

Using discount codes in the email editor

After creating discount codes, it's time to use them in your emails. For a quick tutorial on how to add the discount codes to your email watch this video or read the step-by-step guide below.

While creating a new trigger or newsletter you can add "merge tags" to your emails using the email editor. By clicking on the text box, a toolbar appears, in which you will find the "Merge tags" option.

When selecting this option (merge tags) you will see a list with all available tags. In this list you will also find your created discount codes.

Select the preferred discount code and it will appear in your email!

❗ Important: Does your website have multiple languages? And do you duplicate a trigger or newsletter to another language? Then you need to recreate the discount code in this other language. Aders will not find your merge tag and the discount code will not exist.

Important: When your email is ready, send a test email to yourself first and check how the trigger or newsletter will appear in the inbox of your customers.

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