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Create a subscription page for your newsletter
Create a subscription page for your newsletter

Here we explain how to create a subscription page for your newsletter.

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Did you know that with our landing page module you can create the most beautiful landing pages? It is also possible to use our landing page module to create a sign up page so your customers can sign up for your newsletter.

Why do you want this?

  • The landing page can be used for example for Facebook campaigns or other social campaigns.

  • You set up your landing page without the intervention of a web builder

  • Everything is possible with the landing page. You can set up your subscription page to give away a prize when your customers subscribe to the newsletter for example.

But the field at the bottom of your footer also gives the customer the option to sign up for the newsletter, right? Just like the pop-up module.

πŸ‘‰Sure! And there is nothing wrong with that either. You don't have to create the landing page per se, it's an extra feature for when you want to highlight your newsletter subscription more prominently or combine it with a fun win, gimmick or discount. By devoting an entire page to this you have much more space for specific content (unlike the footer subscription or the pop-up module, which by definition have less space).

1. Create a new landing page

Create a new landing page and give your landing page a logical name.

In step 1, check 'Automatically subscribe profiles to newsletters':

If you check this option, then the profile that fills out your form in the landing page will immediately be subscribed to the newsletter.

Also, fill in a logical tag so that you can conveniently bundle the group that fills out the form on this landing page:

By default, when you create a new landing page, there is already a landing page ready for you. When you click away from the templates, you will see this page in front of you:

To give you some direction, you can start with this. This format can be adapted as you see fit. Keep in mind that when you create a signup page for newsletter subscribers, you include a form asking for your customer's email address.

2. Style your landing page to suit your needs

Do you have a contest? Make your page extra attractive by using cool visuals! Now that you have a complete page to increase your newsletter subscriptions, you have all the space you need to make it as attractive as possible.

For example:

  • Sneek peak of the gift to be won

  • Extra information for a shopping night

  • Extra information about a limited edition article

  • Contests

As an example, this is what a landing page could look like:

Anything is possible in your newsletter sign-up page! You can make it as attractive as you want.

Ready? Activate your landing page, copy the URL and use it on your website behind a banner, in your header of your website or in the footer of your website.

Good luck πŸ™Œ

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