We sometimes get asked exactly what filters you need to set up to resend your email which your customer has not opened.

Fortunately, you don't have to create a new newsletter for this. It is quite easy to set up in the original newsletter.

1. Create the newsletter as usual

Create your newsletter as you would otherwise. At the first step, audience settings, select your desired audience. Continue to step 2.

2. Enable the 'resend unopened emails' setting in the e-mail settings

Maybe you have never noticed, but in the e-mail settings, you see 'resend unopened e-mails'. Turn this slider on. You can now set in how many days the email should be resent to the customers who haven't opened your email.

Example: you send your newsletter on Mondays. And you set that the resend of your unopened emails takes place 4 days after that. The resend will then take place on Friday.

❗Good to know: Be aware that by default, each client is only allowed to receive one newsletter per day. To be able to send multiple newsletters per day, under "Settings" > "Email Settings" turn on the slider at "Campaign email frequency".

Good luck! 😁

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